People from all walks of life may feel the need, at some point in their life, to seek out professional help with something which is troubling them. Perhaps it is a specific problem, something more long standing, the desire to know yourself better, or a feeling that difficulties in your life may be emotional in origin - there are many reasons why people seek therapy.

I am a qualified, experienced Adult Psychotherapist working in Tunbridge Wells. My work is based on psychoanalytic principles.

What is Psychotherapy and how it may help

Therapy offers a safe, reliable relationship which, while offering support through change and crisis, can also be helpful in challenging unhelpful patterns both in thought and behavior. It also offers a safe environment for reflection.

Psychotherapy pays attention to any unconscious issues from your past which may have influence on the present, through the exploration of feelings, memories, thoughts and dreams. The process of putting things into words within a therapeutic relationship can also go some way to changing how we feel about ourselves and help make sense of things which may be troubling to us. It attempts to increase your self-awareness, which, together with a different perspective may open up fresh insights leading to better self- understanding, which may allow for change.

Psychotherapy is a joint venture between both parties and requires commitment on both sides.